Town Sirens

In 2009, the Town of Chesterfield installed new sirens, designed to alert first-responders and the public in the event of any type of emergency.  These sirens are capable of sounding different tones to indicate the type of response required.

The sirens are located at:

  • Chesterfield Fire Station
  • New Spofford Fire Station
  • West Chesterfield Fire Station
  • Chesterfield Highway Department

What you need to know


A conventional, oscillating tone is used to alert firefighters.  If you hear this tone, watch for emergency vehicles and always give them the right of way.


A constant tone lasting for three minutes indicates an emergency situation requiring your urgent attention.  This could include weather, flooding, hazardous material, radiological or other events.  If you hear this tone, tune to an Emergency Alert System radio station for information and instructions.  Unless you are specifically instructed to do so by emergency officials, DO NOT evacuate, pick up children at school or take other such actions.

The siren system will be tested periodically, including an annual test for the full three-minute emergency alert.

Where to Get Emergency Information

Area radio stations in the Emergency Alert System include:

  • WZBK Keene 1220 AM
  • WKBK Keene 1290 AM
  • WINQ Keene 98.7 FM
  • WKNE Keene 103.7 FM
  • WYRY Keene 104.9 FM
  • You may also find NH EAS messages on Vermont* stations:
    WKVT            Brattleboro      1490 AM
    WTSA             Brattleboro      96.7 FM / 1450 AM
                                                                * Always follow the instructions for NH residents.


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