Starting or Locating a Business in Chesterfield

There are many reasons to start or locate a business in Chesterfield.

Great Access

  • Interstate 91 is within 7 miles of Chesterfield
  • Route 9, which goes through Chesterfield, is a major regional route between New York and Maine
  • Amtrak service for the area is within 10 miles of Chesterfield
  • Closest airport for general aviation is within 10 miles
  • International airports are within 1.5 hours of Chesterfield

Business-friendly Environment and Infrastructure

  • No sales tax or income tax
  • High speed internet is available
  • Three phase power is available
  • Commercially zoned land is available
  • Town administration is pro-business
  • Business-friendly development processes
  • Business community includes businesses with hundreds of employees to businesses with a single employee
  • Skilled, educated local workforce is available

Educational Opportunities


Quality of life

  • Rural charm with abundant outdoor activities
  • Access to shopping, entertainment, and medical facilities without the city burden and costs
  • Within 10 miles of numerous cultural centers for the arts and museums
  • Medical services and two hospitals within a few miles
  • Reasonable housing options are available


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