Town and School voting/meeting information


Town and School Budget/Meeting Process &

Town and School Elections

 Important Dates and Information for 2021

Saturday, January 30 Budget Hearings – Virtual via Zoom

1PM:  Town Budget & Fire Precincts 3 PM:  School Budget
Tuesday, February 2, Wednesday, February 3, &

Thursday, February 4 at 7PM

Budget Committee Deliberative sessions – Virtual via Zoom

Town on 2nd, School on 3rd, optional on 4th for anything else

Saturday, February 27 Town and School Information Session Meetings  – Virtual via Zoom

10 AM:  Town Meeting 2PM:  School Meeting
Monday, March 1 at midnight Deadline for question/comments on Town and school articles

For Town comments: (603) 363-4624 ext 10   or  
For School comments: (603) 363-8301  or  
Must give name, address, & phone with comments
Wednesday, March 3 at 7PM Town Information Session Meeting Continued   –  Consider & address public comments
Thursday, March 4 at 7PM School Information Session Meeting Continued –  Consider & address public comments
Saturday, March 6 at 1PM Final Town and School articles published electronically at

Final Town Articles:
Final School Articles:  > Resources >                      Chesterfield District Meeting Documents  
Tuesday, March 9,

from 10 AM – 7 PM

VOTING:  Drive-thru voting at the Chesterfield Town Garage.

39 Brattleboro Rd
West Chesterfield, NH 03466

Note:  Virtual meeting connection information will be available on the Town and School Websites before the meetings.


Additional Detailed Information

The Town and School Moderators have determined that the meeting location for the Town and School meetings in March will be unsafe due to COVID, therefore per RSA 40:4, it has been decided to hold the meetings virtually as outlined in HB 1129.

HB 1129 requires that two Virtual meetings be held for both the Town and School.  The first of the two meetings will be used to present the proposed budget and warrant articles.  Limited discussion and input from the community will be taken at that time with the moderator deciding when to terminate discussion.  The primary avenue for expressing opinions and concerns over the budget will be by email or phone.  Name, address, and phone number must be included in email or phone message.

All input that has been received by the deadline will be presented in the second virtual meeting for discussion and debate by the governing body.  It will be up to the governing body to put the articles into their final form. Input from the general public may or may not be accepted at this time.

The final articles will be made available electronically in the form of a sample ballot at the location and by the deadline shown above.  The first question on the ballot will be to ask the voters if they accept this optional meeting procedure.  If a majority of the voter’s vote “no” on this question, all other articles will be considered to fail and the Town/School will not have a budget.  In that event, the governing body is empowered to vote and decide whether to have another meeting before September 1 to adopt an operating budget, OR to adopt the previous year’s operating budget without the financial items specified in the articles.  The second option means that items such as street paving, municipal building repairs, etc… would not occur in 2021.

Voting will be held by “drive-thru” at the Town Garage and will be similar to what was done last year at Town and School meetings. This voting process is as follows:

  • Voters will drive to the Town garage with other voting members of your household;
  • Drive to the check-in station where a poll worker will check your IDs, check you in, and issue ballots for each registered voter in the car. All voters must have a picture ID;
  • Drive to the back area of the yard where you park and fill out the ballots in the car (for this election, multiple voters can vote at the same time inside the same car);
  • And Finally, drive to the exit station where you will turn in your ballots.

For this election, there will be Five ballots Including ballots for:

1) Town Elections,       2) Town Warrant Articles,      3) Town Zoning Amendments,

4) School Elections,     5) School Warrant Articles.

It might be beneficial if voters brought a hard surface of some sort to write on in their car.

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