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OFFICE REOPENING—NEW HOURS:  Beginning the week of June 8, our office will be reopening to the public but with new hours.  We will be open Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9-1 and 4-7; on Thursday from 9-1 we will be in the office but closed to the public so that we may handle online and mail renewal requests.  We will, of course, also take phone calls on all those days and respond to messages as soon as possible.

“Last Saturday of the month” hours will be by appointment.  For those with vehicles to title, remember that registration costs are prorated monthly, so paying for a whole month on a new vehicle with only a few days to go can be a significant expense.  Most often you’re better off waiting to register till the next month.

ONLINE AND MAIL REGISTRATION continue for those that want to renew from home.

DOG LICENSES:  June is the last month to register before state required civil forfeitures of $25 + additional fines are assessed.  Last year because of Covid we gave folks a lot of extra time to come in and register their dogs.  This year we are going back to the state schedule.  Please, do not wait.  This office and the PD don’t enjoy charging $39.50 for a dog that should have cost $6.50 if done on time.  And for those that ignore that written warning, there’s a court summons with an additional $25.00 attached.  New Hampshire is very serious about making sure rabies does not spread here.

We are now able to process your motor vehicle renewal, dog license renewal and/or a request for vital records online. Online Services

Barbara Girs, Chesterfield Town Clerk

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